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Stayin' Gold



For an elevated cocktail experience for any size event, we customize fun, creative and unique drink menus accented by homemade shrubs, tonics, tinctures and syrups.



All of our cocktails are handmade, using the freshest ingredients. All liquor is top shelf and all juices are fresh pressed

on the day of your event.

Interested in learning how to make classic cocktails?  Stayin' Gold offers private lessons for individuals and small groups.


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We are a Craft Cocktail Catering Service


Yes, you heard that right. Instead of food, we cater cocktails for your event. 

We Pre-Batch Cocktails

We hand squeeze all juices and combine all ingredients the day of the event. Why, you ask.

It’s simple, we want you to enjoy the event and not have to wait forever at the bar line. Less steps for the bartender + less wait for guest = Happy You :)

We Use Real Ingredients

No high-fructose corn syrup stuff here. Real sugar, Real fresh squeezed juices...For real





We Work With You

From Crafted Punch Bowl Stations to Extravagant Galas, We’ve got you covered. There’s not an event too big or small that we can’t accommodate




Let's be honest, planning events can sometimes be stressful. Let us help you create an atmosphere that ensures your guests feel comfortable, and most importantly taken-care-of. We're passionate about bar service standards and can't wait to collaborate. 




What We Do


We Make Fancy Cocktails. 

We are a Cocktail focused company. I mean, that’s why you hired us, right? 

But if you must, we do have beer/wine and soda packages for you to add on


We Buy All Cocktail Ingredients

(Including Alcohol)

Let us do the work. We know exactly what, how much and where to buy everything. There’s no point

in sending you around town searching for stuff. You’ve got enough to handle.


*We do ask that you purchase your own ice. Traveling with large amounts of ice is rough.

We’ll give you the phone number for you local ice delivery companies.


We Travel

From San Francisco to San Diego, we’ve got California covered. Time and travel rates

will apply to 30 miles outside of the Los Angeles area.

We Set-Up and Break-Down

It takes us about 2-3 hours to set up the bar and 1 or less hours to break it down.

Service is 4-5 hours.


We Value Your Time

And hope you value ours. This is why we require 50% of our service fee one month prior to the event.

We get real busy and want to ensure that you have a definite spot in our books.

We Like Tips

What better way to show your bartenders that you appreciate them. We provide tip jars but if you prefer not to have them, we will add a 15% gratuity to your final bill.


We Care About The Environment

(And so should YOU)

We use biodegradable straws, cups, and napkins (napkins, straws and cups are included in price). No Plastic here. You are also more than welcome to rent glassware. We’ll let you know what sizes and quantities we’ll need and you can make the arrangements with the rental service.

We Are Inclusive

Everyone gets to have a great event regardless of race, gender, nationality or sexual orientation. We DO NOT discriminate and have no tolerance for those who do.

Meet Rosie


After sifting through her grandfather’s bar and finding that bartending and entertaining were in her blood, native Angeleno Rosie Ruiz started her career as a mixologist at Los Feliz’s very own Big Bar @ Alcove Cafe. There, she worked with and was mentored by some of the industry’s top professionals. She competed and participated in numerous industry events and has toured the country, discovering new and exciting cocktail programs. Rosie has since collaborated diligently with James Beard Award winning chefs and created menus for Patron Secret Dining Society and numerous A-list events. Always inspired by new spirits and cocktail trends, Rosie has now brought her expertise and craft to the creation of Stayin’ Gold Cocktails.

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